Frequently asked questions

Can you use our all purpose cleaner on granite countertops?

Yes, however, we do find in our experience that it can leave a film on high polished surfaces. Good news we have a product made specifically for granite. Our Granite Shine cleans and polishes all your granite surfaces leaving an aroma of fresh squeezed lemons and a beautiful shine.

Are all your products safe for food prep areas?

Yes! All our products are made with food grade ingredients. Not only do our products sanitize, they are safe for the whole family. Leaving you worry free.

What kind of surfaces can your all purpose cleaners be used on?

Most surfaces-sink, bathtubs, kitchen counters, cabinets, toilets, all bathroom and kitchen fixtures, The only surfaces we do not advise using the all purpose cleaner on is unfinished wood and glass due to the essential oils in our products. Most wood has a clear coat finish on it.

What do I do with the concentrate when I get it?

You need a bottle that can hold at least 16 oz. Pour the entire content of the concentrate into your bottle. Add two cups of water (we use distilled but you can use tap if you like) shake the bottle. Now you're ready to clean. Simply spray and wipe. We recommend using microfiber cloths, as they are great for buffing and polishing all surfaces.

What is the difference between the all purpose and the room spray?

The all purpose is made to clean and sanitize all surfaces, while the room spray is used as an air freshener. Also you can use our room sprays as a linen spray. I would do a spot spray in the corner if you have a fancy fabric sheet.

Are your products safe to consume?

Our products are made of food grade ingredients. However, it does have large quantities of essential oils and soap that could be harmful if ingested. If ingested, please call your doctor or poison control.

Are your product safe to use while pregnant?

We want all our fellow moms and children to be safe. We advise that you speak to your doctor before use while pregnant. We also advise against the use of any cleaning products that contain eucalyptus, cassia, cedar, clary sage, clove, and rosemary.

Are you able to ship internationally?

We ship to all of the USA. If you would like to email us with any questions please feel free to do so at

Can I clean my stainless steel with your all purpose cleaner?

In our experience with our cleaning company we have run across this problem. Stainless steel has many different finishes and textures. Unfortunately we are unable to give you a defined answer to this question. We have had luck with our all purpose, Granite shine, and glass cleaner. You have to try it out on your appliance.

How long does a bottle of all purpose last?

It all depends on the mess. We have used a whole bottle on some of our clients homes. With normal use the bottle will last up to two months, however this depends on how often you clean and the size of your house.

How do I use the room spray?

We use the room spray as a finishing touch after we vacuum each room. I also use this on my sheets as a linen spray (Be careful if you have fancy sheet fabric, test it in a corner) I love the Lavender Lemonade. I have sweet dreams. I also use it in my car (I have children and a large dog) and in the bathrooms. These make great gifts!

Does your glass cleaner leave streaks?

No, this is one of the reasons to buy this product. I also know that some people have issues with ammonia which is in most glass cleaners on the market. There is no ammonia in ours. All you will get is bright and clean windows and mirrors.