All Purpose Concentrate Cleaner

We perfected this cleaner when we were housekeepers, using only natural ingredients.This cleaner gives a sparkling clean while still smelling amazing, and checking everything off the list. 


  • Gives a sparkling clean finish

  • Natural everything, only food grade materials used

  • Fresh aroma that lingers

  • Everything that is in the bottle on the label

  • Gives a feeling of a job well done

  • Concentrate version of our cleaner saving a bottle


Use with caution when pregnant we always recommend consulting your doctor.


Our powerhouse being the top of our natural cleanser. This is the sharpest tool in our caddy, from being our bathroom pro, to our magical oven cleaner. Great whenever you have a cold or any type of congestion. Spray before you take a shower on the floor of the shower to experience its benefits.


When receiving the concentrate you will use our small squeeze bottle.When ready to use squeeze the entire bottle of concentrate into a spray bottle. Add two cups of water, we recommend distilled, but you can use tap water. Screw top on and shake. You have a natural cleaner ready for all your cleaning needs.


Deep Clean

  • Distilled Water,Castile Soap,Vegetable Glycerin, Plant Based Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Orange.


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