Room Spray 

While cleaning homes as housekeepers, we wanted something that could leave a clean scent behind after vacuuming. We created our room spray to smell amazing, checking everything off the list of what you could want for a wonderful room spray. Great for freshening up any room,

makes a great gift for anyone. 


  • Fresh aroma that lingers

  • Natural everything, only food grade materials used

  • Everything that is in the bottle on the label


Sent to you in a 4oz spray bottle ready for any of your air freshening needs.


* Unfortunately we can not accept any returns on our product. Please contact us and we will work with you to resolve any problem.

Summer Breeze Room Spray


Distilled Water, Food Grade Alcohol,Vegetable Glycerin,100% Pure Essential Oils of Geranium,Clary sage, and Grapefruit.