Why be Green?

It first starts with awareness in how much we are as individuals what are we using that is a one time use? What does your recycling and trash look like. Is there anything that you can cut out and stop using. Once we see where we can improve taking small steps to make a change. 


We aren't Perfect 

We are still on our own journey of becoming more green we are a small business and due to our product it is hard to eliminate all use of plastic at this time. However we do our best to recycle as much as we can. We produced our concentrate with the idea in mind that we could do our part in trying to eliminate one time use plastics. Help us by joining our Save the Bottle cause  


You Can Help Save a Bottle 

It's as simple as buying our concentrate to fill the spray bottle that you have from home. Or we can send you a spray bottle for reuse from than on. It's as simple as empty the concentrate bottle in spray bottle and add water to the shoulder of the bottle and shake you are ready to go. With a healthier,natural and more sustainable cleaner. Coming soon larger counties of concentrate that you are able to buy and keep on hand for whenever you are in need of more cleaner. Join the hive to keep up with the buzz of updates or join one of our memberships and never be without your natural cleaner

Join the Hive

To keep up with the buzz of updates 

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